Change The Vibration Settings For iPhone X

    Change The Vibration Settings For iPhone X
    Owners of iPhone X may be curious about how to change the vibration on their new smartphone. The volume controls are intuitive, but the vibration is less so (as there isn’t a button on the phone that controls this functionality.  We’ll be able to show you how to change this to your preference.

    In changing the vibrations on your iPhone X, it’s also possible that you can tweak the vibrations for the keyboard or alerts and notifications. Below, are the step by steps instructions on how to change vibrations on the iPhone X.

    Adjust your Vibrational Settings On iPhone X
    1. Turn your smartphone on
    2. Access Settings
    3. Go to Sounds
    4. Search for the option that corresponds to your interests – for this Vibration
    5. Create a new one in order to specfiy the level of vibration that you are looking for.
    The above instructions should allow you to specify the level of vibration that you require for whatever interaction you are looking for, such as calls, emails, or reminders.

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