Clicking Sound On iPhone X

    Clicking Sound On iPhone X

    Clicking Sound On iPhone X

    Owners of an Apple iPhone X, you might be asking how to turn off the clicking sounds on your smartphone. Apple iPhone X produce these clicking sounds include water sounds and noises that every time you clock it. The noises that you hear are called touch sounds and accessible by default as a part of Apple’s interface for the iPhone X.
    The following instructions will outline how to turn off both the keyboard sound (that imitates the clicking of a keyboard) and the lock screen sound. Some users may prefer a more seamless experience – and we would like to show you how to do so.  Feel free to read the instructions below.

    How to disable clicking sounds on iPhone X

    1. Turn on your smartphone
    2. Access Settings
    3. Choose Sounds
    4. Toggle the Keyboard Clicks OFF

    Turning off screen lock and unlock sound on iPhone X

    1. Turn your phone on
    2. Access Settings
    3. Do Sounds
    4. Toggle Lock Sounds OFF
    You’ll be perfectly fine with the instructions that we’ve lined out above. Sometimes silence is golden, even for those who own the brand new iPhone X.  Feel free to toggle the sounds back on when you’re interested in hearing the sound quality of your new smartphone.