How To Clear History On iPhone X


    How To Clear History On iPhone X

    There are countless ways to delete your history. We’ll outline them clearly below. Out of decency, we won’t get into any of the reasons why you may need to clear your history, but don’t panic yet.

    How to clear Safari history on iPhone X in iOS

    The first thing you should do is turn on the Apple iPhone X in iOS and go to the Settings app. Once there, browse for Safari. Select on Safari and tap on the “Clear History and Website Data”. After that, tap on the button that says “Clear History and Data”.

    After you have tapped on that the process will only take a short period of time to complete to clear the history on your iPhone X in iOS.

    How to clear Google Chrome history on iPhone X in iOS

    In addition to the Safari browser, many use Google’s Chrome browser and want to know the process to clear the Google Chrome history on the iPhone X in iOS. All you need to do is select on the same three-dot menu button and select “History” then select the “Clear Browsing Data” button at the bottom of the screen. Select the types of data and information that you want to delete from Google Chrome. The only benefit of Chrome is you can remove individual site visits, instead of everything or nothing, so it doesn’t appear that you’re hiding your tracks.