How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone X

    How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone X
    One of the most common damages to the Apple iPhone X is wet water! The good new is that we’ll explain several ways that you can learn how to fix water damaged iPhone X. Follow the instructions below to handle your waterlogged iPhone X.

    Turn it Off

    Shut it down! You don’t want to have a device powered on a battery, especially when it’s activated in conjunction with electricity. The device could short circuit if the water is in the battery.
    Eject WaterWe highly recommend that you try to get the excess water out of your smartphone. What’s it even doing in there? We recommend shaking your iPhone gently, and do NOT recommend using a hairdryer as that could easily ruin your iPhone X.

    Gently Open iPhoneWe recommend using the instructions found on any other tutorial (such as iFixit’s) that will educate one on correctly opening their iPhone X. This may void the warranty, which the water damage has likely already done.

    Dry it

    Rice is not the only safe drier! 
    • Use no materials and simply keep your iPhone out in the open, as it will simply evaporate
    • Couscous, rice, or silica gel are ideal if open air is unavailable.
    • Silica Gel is ideal