How to Know the IP Address of Others


    How to Know the IP Address of Others - The Internet is a network of interconnected computers all over the world. In order to make data exchange, it takes an IP Address that can connect between computers. IP Address or Internet Protocol Address is a series of binary numbers between 32-bit to 128-bit.

    This series of numbers is used as the identification address for each host computer on an Internet network. The length of this number is 32-bit for IPv4 or IP version 4 and 128-bit for IPv6 or IP version 6, which shows the address of the computer on a TCP / IP-based Internet network.

    You may already know how to check your private IP address. Well, the question now is, are you able to know someone else's IP address? The answer CAN. Here's how to find someone else's IP address.

    How to Know the IP Address of Others

    Knowing the Site IP Address

    Open the command console. If you're a Mac user, this console is named Terminal and you can find it in the Utilities folder. As for PC users, you can click Start - Accessories - Command Prompt. Then ping on any site you want to know the IP of the site.
    The trick, Type: type "ping [URL]" - example: ping After that will appear the IP address of the site you are looking for.

    Knowing IP Addresses Email

    First, open the email client you want to check its IP address. To track the IP address of the email you receive, it can be seen on the head of a message that looks like a keyboard spill in the message. Show header section. Then, from the View menu select the option that lets you see the whole header. You can also see it by means of extended headers in the To or From section will provide new information. On the side next to the Received section, there is a line that reads "from ..." and the IP address. Just choose one of them then copy it to the clipboard. You can see the results.

    To ensure the accuracy of the results, open the command console to check whois. In the termina window next to the blinking cursor, type whois, then press Enter. This information will be sent to the database to be asked, and then returned in the form of registration information for the IP address.

    You can also use alternative checkers. For example, internet lookup, such as ip-lookup, can also give almost the same information as checking whois. Even in many cases, it can give you more information.

    Track IP Address Using Tools

    You can also do IP address tracking using tools. First of all, install software tools called Free IP Scanner on your computer. Through this software, you can know the IP address of others easily, the most important computer is already connected to the network. Next, run Free IP Scanner.

    If you are prompted to enter a License Key, simply press the SKIP option. After that, input the IP range, ie the first IP distance to the second IP, then click the option "Start Scanning". Wait until the tools show the results.

    Tracking Geographic Location From IP Address

    Usually, people track IP addresses to find out a person's geographic location. For this, you can visit a site where you can search for IP address information. Look for "IP Lookup" or "IP Geo location" in google search to get a diverse list of sites tracking geographic location for free. Select one of these sites, then enter the IP address you want to track.

    That's how you know someone else's IP address. All you need to remember is, this tracking does not always work. Sometimes, people have taken precautions to prevent their IP addresses from being tracked. Hopefully this information useful and do not abuse it for things that are not responsible, yes. Happy tracking.