How To Turn ON Predictive Text Apple iPhone X

    How To Turn ON Predictive Text Apple iPhone X
    A lot of new features are added on the new Apple iPhone X. One of the best features on the iPhone X is its feature to predict text. Basically it suggests words that you are likely to use based on previous usage. This feature makes it so much easier and faster to text someone on your Apple iPhone X smartphone. In this article, we’ll explain how to turn on predictive text on the iPhone X.
    How to turn off predictive text on Apple iPhone X
    1. Turn your smartphone on
    2. Access Settings
    3. Go to General
    4. Choose Keyboard
    5. Toggle between Predictive Switches
    Text correction options
    Turning this feature on, in your iPhone X, will allow you to add a dictionary that Apple can refer to in regards to your word choice.

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