How to Use Flyover in Apple Maps App on iPhone 8

    How to Use Flyover in Apple Maps App on iPhone 8

    Interactive is the middle name of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus’s iOS 11 newest update for Apple Maps App, Flyover Feature. Unlike its previous update, Besides using your normal, boring satellite view – Apple has introduced the revolutionary feature: Flyover.  You can access this in iOS 11.

    Due to Assisted Reality endeavors, you’re able to tweak your Flyover experience in no time at all.  We imagine that this city will only be improved with the incorporation of a VR helmet.  Thankfully you’ll be able to notice the names of local geography in your area.  Feel free to use any normal pinch-related functions.  Check out our instructions below to access your Flyover potential

    How to Use Flyover in Apple Maps App

    1. Choose a City (Not all cities have a flyover option)
    2. Activate Flyover Mode
    3. Tap and Explore the City like a Hovercraft.
    These simple steps will lead you to experience a visceral AR city extravaganza.

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