iPhone X Wireless Charger Isn’t Working

    iPhone X Wireless Charger Isn’t Working
    Wireless charging is a fresh new addition to the iPhone X’s already stellar set of features. And as with anything new, especially when it comes to technology, it might encounter a few bumps and hiccups during its early years.
    As the first ever iteration of wireless charging in the tech giants lineup of products, compatibility is always an issue. Fortunately, Apple has made it clear that its current roster of devices is compatible with Qi wireless charging technology.
    So, before going out to buy a wireless charging pad, dock or stand, make sure that it is Qi wireless charging certified. This would eliminate most issues where a wireless charge seems to be broken but in reality, it’s just not compatible with the device.
    Luckily, Qi wireless charging technology has been around for years and there’s a plethora of products to choose from. Just make sure it is certified and you are good to go. Charge away!

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