Siri Tips & Tricks on iPhone 8

    Siri Tips & Tricks on iPhone 8
    Newbies or experts of the iPhone alike are going to love the current version of Siri. The virtual personal assistant has gone through a much anticipated and much needed revision, that there might be plenty of tips and tricks you probably are not aware of.
    Mundane and boring questions and tasks aside, the following list will show you some of the useful queries you can ask from Siri.

    1. Use as a Calculator 
    Even though they sound like a person, Siri is a “voice” for a high functioning smartphone. Simply access Siri, and ask for the calculation needed.  Be sure to check that Siri heard you correctly.
    1. Translate measurements or currencies
    For money, you could ask Siri something like,”How many pounds is $300?” For measurements, the query should be like,”What’s 66 degrees in Fahrenheit ?” or “78 kph in mph.” For reference, Siri can translate any relevant value to whichever the user prefers. No need to remember those long Fahrenheit to Celsius equations!
    1. Settle bets – Use Siri to flip coins, roll dice, or pick numbers 
    You can use this function for any number of reasons in your life.  You simply ask Siri to perform the above functions. This can be used when trying to flip a coin or roll a die in order to settle bets or debates. You can also pick numbers at random. 
    1. See what movies are in theaters
    If you are hankering to see a new movie, you can ask Siri, “What movies are playing?” This will give you locations and showtimes for nearby movies, but don’t forget that you can also ask for the ratings for the respective movies. 
    1. Know Shazam? Siri can do that
    If you are curious about what song is playing around you – Just ask Siri!
    1. How to Use Siri to Find and Launch Apps
    Ask Siri to launch whatever you want. – just ask Siri. You can ask Siri to Open “App”, Launch “App”, or Play “App” (in the case for games)
    1. Schedule and Edit your Calendar
    Simply say “Schedule ____” to ask Siri to make an event. Feel free to add further specification in regards to date and time – to make sure that you are correctly scheduled. 
    1. Siri can remind you
    Make whatever reminder you asking Siri to “Remind you to ______” Like the Calendar, feel free to give specific date and time instructions if they are relevant to your reminder.  This can be especially useful when you want to be reminded in a specific manner, but is frequently used for calls/texts
    1. FaceTime friends/family
    You may be noticing a trend with Siri’s functionality. In order to FaceTime the person of your choice – ask Siri to “FaceTime (Individual Name)”
    1. Make calls over speakerphone
    If you want to make a call using only the speakerphone, simply say, “Call [person’s name] using speakerphone.”
    1. How to Use Siri to Search for Photos by Time or Location
    Nostalgia can be a powerful force. If you want to see specific photos or videos from a vacation or an excursion with friends – ask Siri to “Show you photos from ____ (last summer for example).”
    1. Make Dinner plans
    Unless you have a specific plan for dinner reservations, Siri can pull up a list of local locations that can cater to your culinary interests.  When making a general request for dinner reservations, Siri will give you options for available options. Note: Open Table helps this functionality.
    1. Get up to date Sports info
    This is not limited to scores for current games. Siri can provide broad schedules for the upcoming season, as well as other information that can help your purposes, such as fantasy leagues.
    1. Buy! Sell! Use Siri for Stocks
    Stocks will be less elusive when using Siri for information. Siri can provide relevant information for stocks and indexes. Ask Siri for specific stock information, or get a broad idea of performance by inquiring about the “markets”
    1. Find your friend’s lost device
    If you happen to come across a device randomly (in a library or back of a taxicab) you can be a great person by asking Siri about the identity of the phone owner.
    1. Music Functionality
    Siri has some great usage in the Music department. Feel free to play any relevant item – ranging from songs to radio stations.
    1. Don’t be late, set a timer!
    You can have Siri wake you up at a specific time, or in a specific time amount (such as in minutes or hours”
    1. Siri can punctuateWhen dictating emails or texts for Siri to send – simply say aloud whichever puntuation it is that you require.
    1. How to Use Siri for Reminders & Lists
    Simply, this is an extension of Siri’s Reminders function – but allows you to segment those reminders for specific functions or folders
    1. How to Use Siri to Find Out What to Ask Siri
    Finally, Siri will personally tell you all the types of command requests you can make. Simply ask Siri, “What can I ask you?” and you’ll see an enormous categorized listing of the questions you can ask Siri.

    Hope this list has helped you on how to take full advantage of Siri. She is a very helpful companion and tool to cater to you in your daily life no matter where you are. Be confident in that all this information is just at your fingertips.