How To Fix Blurry Videos And Pictures On Apple iPhone X

    How To Fix Blurry Videos And Pictures On Apple iPhone X

    What you can expect from an iPhone X is the best camera money can buy which features the very best modern day technology has to give. But with a slight sigh of sadness, many have alleged that the camera on their iPhone X has been capturing some pretty blurry pictures and videos. The following steps have been made to cater to a couple of different ways you that can try to do to resolve the blurry picture and video issues which is making photos and videos to be captured without any focus whatsoever which is a huge blow to quality of the picture or video.

    The you way to go about fixing the blurry pictures and videos on your own iPhone X is pretty simple even a little child can do it. If successful, it will decrease the number of blurry videos and pictures that are being stored on your iPhone X. One of the biggest reasons that can make your iPhone X take blurry pictures and videos is due to the fact that you forgot to remove the protective plastic shell that is on the camera lens and heart rate monitor of the iPhone X.

    How to Fix Fuzzy Images and Videos on iPhone X

    Below are step-by-step instructions to resolve your issue with blurry images and videos on iPhone X.
    Turn on iPhone X

    1. Open Settings App
    2. Select General
    3. Select Reset
    4. Enter Apple ID Username
    5. Enter Apple ID Password
    6. Allow iPhone to Restart