How to Fix Amazon Fire Won’t Start

    Amazon Fire tablet won’t start, we have some steps you can try to make it working again.

    Hold Power Button

    Ensure that you are holding down the “Power” button for at least 5 seconds to power it on normally. Simply tapping the button will not turn it on.

    Charge Using AC Adapter

    Ensure that the Amazon Fire has a charged battery. Plug the Fire into a wall outlet as a power supplied from another device like a computer may not be enough to get it going.

    Wait for the Fire to charge from the wall outlet for about 20 minutes before trying to turn it on.

    Hold “Volume Down” While Powering On

    experienced a few occasions where my Fire will not turn on. I tried holding the “Volume Down” button while pressing “Power” for about 5 seconds. I have no idea why this works, but it does.

    Restore Latest Software

    • press and hold the “Volume Up” button, then press “Power” for 45 seconds to turn the Fire on.
    • hold “Volume Up” until you see a message that says “Installing the latest software“.
    • Wait for the installation to complete, and hopefully the device on again.