How to Make Video Calls between Android and iPhone

    How to Make Video Calls between Android and iPhone

    Skype (Free with Paid Features)

    Skype is one of the best-known video chat applications worldwide. It operates with a freemium model that offers cheap call rates to other devices.

    If you’re looking for a no-nonsense app that will handle your needs, Skype has a few different payment models. If you want completely free video calls, try one of the other apps on this list.

    Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can chat with other users by:
    1. Signing in to the Skype app on your device.
    2. Navigate to the People
    3. Tap on the contact you would like to call.
    4. Tap the Phone icon located at the bottom of the screen.
    5. From the call itself, you can turn the camera, microphone and speakers on and off by using the icons at the bottom.

    Facebook Messenger (Free)

    Facebook rolled out video calling earlier this year, with the service available in most countries. It’s accessible through the Facebook Messenger app, and it’s completely free of charge. This video calling app from Facebook supports phone calls from both platforms, and it has a number of added features.

    1. Download Facebook Messenger and make an account if you need to.
    2. Login to Messenger.
    3. Tap on the contact you want to call.
    4. You can access the video call feature by tapping the camera located in the top right corner of the app.
    5. This will allow you to make the call.

    Oovoo (Free with Paid Features)

    Oovoo offers free video calls, voice calls, and texts. If you want full freedom, Oovoo supports nearly every platform;
    • Amazon Fire Phone
    • 300+ Android Handsets and Tablets
    • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac
    • Windows Phone and PC
    • If (somehow) your device isn’t supported, check one of the other methods in the list.
    To make a video call on Oovoo:
    1. Download the app from the Play Store
    2. Make an account with either Facebook, Google or your email address.
    3. Go to your Friends List and choose who you would like to speak to.
    4. Tap the camera icon near their profile photo to start the video call.

    Tango (Paid Features)

    Tango is another video calling app that is big on social integration, with a variety of games on offer for both IOS and Android. On the homepage, it boasts the ability to help you meet new people, so if you want to find eleven friends for Oovoo, this could be the place to look.

    To start using Tango:
    1. Download the app from the Play Store and install to your device.
    2. Set up Tango by confirming your name, number, and email address.
    3. Tango will export your address book. You can use the tab at the top of the screen to switch between Tango contacts and your normal contacts.
    4. To make a video call, find the person you would like to call and tap their name.
    5. Start the call, and press the camera icon to begin video chat.

    Google Hangouts (Free)

    Google Hangouts isn’t the most populated social platform, but it does allow you to make (mostly) free calls to phones within the US and Canada. International call rates for Google Hangouts are listed here.

    Hangouts is highly rated by users, and it’s really simple to use. You can download the app from the Play Store, and it integrates with your Google account.(If you don’t have an account, they’re incredibly simple to make.)

    Here’s how to make video calls on your device:
    1. Download the Hangouts app and sign in using your Google Account.
    2. Tap on the conversation or the person you would like to voice call, or tap the + icon to start a New Hangout.
    3. Tap the video icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    4. You will now be entering your video call and you should see yourself in the front camera as you dial.

    Viber (Paid Features)

    Last, but by no means least, is Viber. There are roughly 606m users worldwide, and the app is localized in numerous languages if English isn’t your preference. It has (mostly) great reviews on the app store, and it’s free to call other devices that have Viber installed.

    (The paid features are for making calls to non-Viber devices.)
    1. Download and install Viber for your device.
    2. Verify your number to make your account.
    3. It will then sync your contacts.
    4. Type in the name of the contact you want to call in the top search bar.
    5. Once you find the name, tap it.
    6. Tap Free Call.
    7. After the call has been connected, press the button labelled Video Call that appears on the screen.
    8. The other person will have to activate their video call function for it to work.