How to Merge Contacts on iPhone X

    It’s probably inevitable for you to have duplicate contacts on your iPhone X over the course of using it, whether by typos, accident or through the process of importing your sim card with contacts. Another reason why you have duplicate contacts is that connecting multiple email accounts to your phone can lead to the generation of many numbers.

    The good news is that you can easily merge contacts on your phone and the whole process will only take a few seconds.  Below is an instruction on how to find, delete, and join duplicate numbers on your iPhone.

    How to Merge Duplicate Contacts

    1. Turn on your iPhone
    2. Open the contacts app on the Home screen
    3. Click on any of the contacts that you want to merge
    4. Select on edit
    5. Browse and click on link contacts; this has a green sign on it.
    6. Tap the second contact and click on link to connect both numbers
    7. To unlink the contacts, click on the red minus sign
    8. When you are through with that, press on “Done” to go back to the contact entry