How to Use Apple iPhone X as a Flashlight

    It’s a good idea to know how to use iPhone X as a flashlight if you’ve bought an iPhone X because some situations would warrant using the Apple iPhone flashlight. The torch on the Apple iPhone isn’t as powerful as a normal LED or incandescent flashlight, but it does a great job when you urgently need a light source.

    In the past, you had to download an app to turn on the flashlight on the Apple iPhone, but this is not the case anymore. You don’t need to go to the App Store to get any app because Apple includes an app that will turn the iPhone X flashlight on and off. The following are steps on how to turn on/off flashlight on iPhone X with its built-in widget.

    How to Use Apple iPhone X Flashlight

    1. Make sure your iPhone X is powered on
    2. Swipe up the screen with your finger
    3. On the lower left select on the Flashlight icon
    4. The same Flashlight icon will turn on/off the flashlight

    Make use of these instructions for turning iPhone X flashlight on and off.