iPhone X Freezing solution


    iPhone X Freezing solution

    Freezing and crashing is a reality on all smartphones in the market today. And the iPhone X, is not not immune to this blight. Even though it is atop the smartphone ladder, your iPhone X can still be affected with sluggish and unresponsive performance or worse have it freeze on you when you really need it the most. Fortunately, fixing this issue is not as hard as you might think. We have laid out a couple of fixes that would address the issue at hand so that you can get back to the normal comings and goings of your day.
    iPhone X Freezing solution
    The reason that we have provided several fixes to solve the issue on your iPhone X, is that there are many factors that can be the cause of your freezing and crashing woes. So just to be safe, try each and every one of these fixes and see which one works for your problem. With that said, better be sure that your operating system is updated as this might be causing the freezes and crashes on your iPhone X. Now, onto the fun stuff. Getting your iPhone X back on its feet. Try these solutions out.

    Delete bad apps to troubleshoot freezing problem

    If you are a regular downloader of a lot of apps and software on your iPhone X, chances are the root cause of your freezing and crashing problems can be attributed to a very unstable or unreliable app or software that you have downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Best to delete those and see if it fixes the problem.

    Factory reset Apple iPhone X

    This should only be done when all else fails. This is because it revert your phone back to when you first got your hands on it. Which means all your data and contents will be blasted to oblivion and what you have left is a factory reset iPhone X. So better be sure when you do a factory reset because you can’t go back from it, ever.

    Memory problem

    Clearing the memory cache on your phone can be very helpful in alleviating crashes or freezes on the iPhone X. This is especially true when the phone has been in use for quite some time now. What you need to know is that memory can pile up while your phone is operation and it can be the cause of a very laggy or unresponsive phone. If that does not do the trick, try clearing the cache on an app instead. Just follow these steps:
    1. Go to Settings and then General and then Storage & iCloud Usage
    2. Click on Manage Storage
    3. Click an item in Documents and Data
    4. Slide and place unwanted items to the left and click Delete
    5. Tap Edit and then Delete All to remove all the app’s data

    It’s due to a lack of memory

    Although the iPhone X has more than enough memory to handle any kind of multi-taking you throw its way, you could be opening too many apps on background which is eating away at your memory without you even knowing it. That is why you need to check if your memory is at its optimum capacity and not being siphoned by some background app. If that is the case, then try deleting a few to see if that solves the problem.