Where Do I Get Ringtones LG V30

    LG V30 owners often want to use specific and unique ringtones for certain contacts, alerts and tasks. If you find yourself wondering about custom ringtones, read on for information on getting ringtones.

    How to Digitize Ringtones to LG V30

    The method to  make custom ringtones for your contacts is simple on the LG V30. The choice of arranging custom ringtones for each contact, and forming custom tones for text messages is up to you.  The following procedures below to arrange custom ringtones:
    1. Switch on the LG V30
    2. Tap the Dialer app
    3. Select a contact for which you’d like to use a custom ring tone
    4. Tap the edit button (a pencil icon)
    5. Tap on “Ringtone”
    6. A popup will show all available ringtones
    7. If you don’t see the ringtone you want, tap “Add” and locate the ringtone in your device storage