How To Do Screen Mirroring LG V30

    How To Do Screen Mirroring LG V30

    The screen mirroring is another feature of the LG V30 that makes it more amazing. This feature allows the user to screen mirror or project the screen of the LG V30 on the TV. It would only work if the smartphone has the correct software installed for the screen mirror. Shown below are the two guides and methods on how to screen mirror the LG V30 to a TV.

    How To Do Screen Mirroring On LG V30

    1. Buy the LG Allshare Hub
    2. Connect the Allshare Hub via an HDMI cable to the TV
    3. Connect the two devices on the same wireless network
    4. Select Settings
    5. Tap on Screen Mirroring

    NOTE: Allshare Hub is not needed if you own an LG Smart TV.