iPhone X Keeps Restarting Itself Get Help Fixing All Problems

iPhone X Keeps Restarting Itself Get Help Fixing All Problems

Are you one of the iPhone X users that have experienced spontaneous reboots with their phone? Lucky for you, this is the right place to stay. Numerous iPhone X users have reported that their phone suddenly reboots several times a day and they can’t pinpoint the culprit of the event. In this article, we will be giving you some tips and tricks on how to solve the Spontaneous Reboots on your iPhone X. Disclaimer Given that you’ve done all the tips we will give you and still your phone is malfunctioning, best is to bring it to a technician to check if ever there are hardware malfunctions.

Another Disclaimer If you want to save time and effort troubleshooting your phone or bringing it into a technician, might as well use the warranty of your phone and have it replaced immediately.

It’s the easiest, most convenient and lesser wallet damage method in having your iPhone X gets fixed, especially if your phone has got more damage than you expected. You should also consider bringing your phone to the nearest Apple Center or call an Apple Support so they can check the reason why your iPhone X keeps on freezing or rebooting spontaneously.

One reason that the event is occurring is due to a third party application which cannot be supported by your smartphone, hence resulting in unexpected crashes. Another culprit is a faulty battery that can no longer compensate the power needed for your smartphone. In addition, bad firmware may also result to spontaneous crashes. So without further ado, here are two effective methods on how to solve spontaneous reboots of your smartphone.
Apple iPhone X Keeps Restarting Itself Get Help Fixing All Problems

Your iOS Version causes the Spontaneous reboot of your Smartphone

A typical reason that the iPhone X continues restarting or rebooting itself is that of the new firmware refresh has been introduced. We prescribe for this situation to play out a processing plant reset on the Apple iPhone X.. The following is a guide on  how to factory reset the Apple iPhone X . Before you go to manufacturing plant reset the iPhone X to help settle the resetting issue on the cell phone, it’s essential to make sure to move down all information on the iPhone X. The explanation behind this is the point at which you finish an iPhone X plant reset, everything on the iPhone X will be erased.

Third Party Application is the culprit in spontaneous restarts

For those that don’t realize what Safe Mode is, it’s an alternate mode that places the Apple iPhone X in a domain that enables clients to safely uninstall third-party applications and delete bugs. What’s more, you can utilize Safe Mode if any introduced applications never again work or if the iPhone X continues restarting.

Steps into setting your phone into Safe Mode

Simultaneously long press the home and power button. Once the screen turns black, remove your finger from the home button while continuing long pressing the power button
Upon the appearance of the Apple logo, Long press the volume up button until the springboard loads
Once it switched to Safe Mode, the modifications will be removed from the setting menu