iPhone X Not Staying Connected To WiFi

Apple iPhone X Not Staying Connected To WiFi

WiFi, next to toilet paper, is mankind’s greatest invention. Owners of an Apple iPhone X, you might be encountering some WiFi connection issues. One example of this is when the iPhone X is not staying connected to WiFI and switches to the phone’s data instead. The reason behind it is that the WiFi connection on the Apple iPhone X is having problems is because of a weak WiFi signal that no longer can connect the iPhone X to the Internet.

However, when the WiFi signal is strong and the iPhone X WiFi still can’t connect, then there are several ways that you can fix this problem. The reason that the iPhone X WiFi doesn’t stay connected is because of the WLAN to mobile data connection option that is activated in the iOS settings of the Apple iPhone X.

A setting for the Apple iPhone X was created in order to automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile networks, such as LTE, to build up a stable network connection all the time. The great news is that this WiFi setting can be adjusted to fix the iPhone X Wifi problem.

Solving the wifi issue on iPhone X

Select on Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Then select on Manage Storage. After that tap an item in Documents and Data. Then slide unwanted items to the left and tap Delete. Finally tap Edit > Delete All to remove all the app’s data.

In most cases, the above steps will help solve the WiFi problem. But if for some reason the Apple iPhone X WiFi connection gets terminated, automatically switch to the phone’s “wipe cache partition”, then it should be fixed.. This method deletes no data from the iPhone X. All data such as photos, videos and messages are not deleted and safe. You can perform the “Wipe Cache Partition“ function over the iOS recovery mode. Also recommended: How to clear iPhone X cache

Fix iPhone X Not Staying Connected To WiFi Problem

  1. Turn on your Apple iPhone X smartphone
  2. Select on Settings
  3. Tap on Cellular
  4. Browse until you find WiFi-Assist
  5. Change the toggle to OFF, so you stay connected to WiFi even when the wireless connection of your Apple iPhone X is the most powerful

Now your Apple iPhone X will no longer automatically switch between Wi-Fi and the mobile Internet.