Bluetooth Pairing on iPhone X

Bluetooth Pairing On iPhone X

Most of the time, the iPhone X users are having a tough time pairing Bluetooth. Bluetooth is most used for passing photos or videos to a different phone. it's also used to connect with a car for music and some Bluetooth devices like headphones. The guide below will show you ways to solve the problem with Bluetooth pairing of your iPhone X.

Problems with the Apple iPhone X Bluetooth is difficult to determine especially Apple did not publish or declare a software system and hardware bug report for Bluetooth. This issue has no sure solution but we've got some possible ways in which may solve the iPhone X Bluetooth issues.

iPhone X Bluetooth Pairing

Clearing the Bluetooth data cache of the iPhone X is the first solution we are going to give you for fixing the Bluetooth issue. Cache data stores temporary data for quick switching between the apps and because of this, Bluetooth pairing issues are found commonly when pairing your iPhone X with the car’s Bluetooth device. it's necessary to take note on wiping the Bluetooth cache and try reconnecting once more. Check on this clear the cache  guide.

How to fix Bluetooth problems iPhone X

To fix the Bluetooth issue, choose the Settings from the home screen, then click on General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Click on the Manage Storage > Documents and knowledge, then slide all the unwanted things to the left to delete it. Once you’re through with all the method said, click on Edit and click Delete All. this will remove all the apps’ data.

How to fix Bluetooth issues iPhone X

If the procedures above still don’t work, put the iPhone X into recovery mode and wipe cache partition . Once you put the phone on recovery mode and you have wiped the cache partition, try connecting the iPhone X once more with the Bluetooth device in range. The Bluetooth pairing issue is now solved!