Change The Vibration Settings on iPhone X

Change The Vibration Settings on iPhone X

As an owner of iPhone X , you probably didn’t need much time to realise that you don’t have to have a clear distinction between the loud ring mode and the vibration feature. Sure, you can use them individually if you want but, at the same time, you can keep them in parallel and even decide the vibration intensity level

How can you change the iPhone X vibrations ?

  1. You begin by unlocking the iPhone and heading to the Settings app
  2. Once you’ve accessed the general Settings, you can tap on Sounds
  3. Within that new section, all kinds of actions that are normally accompanied by vibrations will be listed
  4. Whether you want to tweak the ringtone, the message, the email vibrations or whatever else you have in there, begin by selecting the option
  5. Next, you’ll have a Vibration feature listed for that specific selection
  6. Tap on it and use the Create New Vibration option
  7. Set the desired vibration level and close the settings app.

At the last step, if you want to tweak other vibration settings as well, you will obviously not close the settings but simply return to that list of ringtone, mail, text messages and so on. You make a new selection, adjust the vibration for it as well, and repeat if necessary.

While there are more steps required to change the vibration settings for your iPhone X , it is always worth customising everything to the best you can!