Changing Bluetooth Name Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Changing Bluetooth Name Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with preinstalled apps that you simply will use to move files from one smartphone to a different one or your computer. one in all these apps is that the Bluetooth that's popularly used for this objective. There are some house owners of the Samsung Note 8 that will prefer to use the Bluetooth feature, but they don’t even know how to try and do it.

Your Bluetooth name on your device has been named by default as “Samsung Galaxy Note 8, ” and most house owners are always willing to change this name to something else they like. you'll create use of the steps below to know how you'll change your Bluetooth name on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Changing Bluetooth Name on Galaxy Note 8

  1. Switch to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Locate the menu placed on the home screen
  3. Search for device info within the list of Settings
  4. Click on ‘Device name’ as soon as you see it
  5. A window will come up which will enable you to edit and save the new Bluetooth name that you simply like

To make sure that you’ve done this, you must try connecting your device to a different device; your new Bluetooth name can seem on the second device. If you follow the steps above well, you must currently be able to change your Bluetooth name anytime that you simply need on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.