How To Factory Reset LG G6

How To Factory Reset LG G6

It is suggested for you to have a look at the guide below if you {are|you're} curious about learning how you can reset the LG G6 because there are issues with it being problematic, frozen, or separate reason.

Soft Reset

Your phone can simply restart once you do a soft reset, which is useful once the device isn't working properly. Note: No data will be erased once you do a soft reset.

Click and hold the power Button till you've got the device turned off.

You can click and hold the power Button for about 3 seconds so as to turn the phone back on.

Method 1: choice to hard Reset

Your LG G6 can reset to the factory default programs and settings that are default once you do a hard reset.

  • Navigate to the Settings, then head to Backup & Reset, and also go to factory data Reset, then move to Reset Phone, then Delete All, so click on Ok.

Method 2: choice to hard Reset

  1. Simultaneously click and hold the power and Volume Down button while the phone is turned off till you see the menu for System Recovery.
  2. Highlight the “Factory data reset” by using the volume Up/Down buttons.
  3. Click on the “Power” button in order to choose the option.
  4. Navigate to yes using the buttons for volume.
  5. Click on the “Power” button so as to choose the option.