How To Enable Magnifier On iPhone X

How To Enable Magnifier On iPhone X

People have this misconception that you must be dealing with some kind of impaired vision problems in order to need a magnifier. But while using your iPhone X , you might come across a situation where the font is really small. Or maybe you’re looking at a picture with lots of details and you need to zoom in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick magnifying feature to access ?

To cut to the chase, you do have such an option and you already know it. What you probably don’t know for sure is how to access it. And what you are clueless about is that you have quite a lot of adjacent options that come with enabling the Magnifier.

For instance, did you know that

  • You can use both the Magnifier and the Flashlight at the same time ?
  • You can use a special zoom feature to enhance the magnification effects even more ?
  • You can enhance the auto-brightness while working with the Magnifier ?
  • You can take screenshots with the Magnifier turned on ?
  • You can work on brightness and contrast when using the Magnifier ?
  • And you can even invest colours and filters while the Magnifier is active ?

All of a sudden, this feature of the iPhone X no longer looks so boring, right? But of course, before you enjoy the juicy stuff, you really need to learn how to get to it first. So, two steps are essential for you to master at this stage:

Step 1 – enable the Magnifier option on the iPhone X

  1. Unlock the device and access the Settings app
  2. Switch to the Accessibility tab located underneath the General tab
  3. Locate the Magnifier option listed in there and activate it by switching its toggle from Off to On.

Step 2 – turn on the Magnifier option when you need to use it

  1. To turn on the Magnifier on an iPhone X, you have to be sure that the feature is actually enabled (go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Magnifier – and make sure it’s set to On)
  2. Next, go back to the window where you are planning to use the Magnifier
  3. Triple press the Home button and you’ve officially turned on the Magnifier.

Start exploring all the extra options previously mentioned

  • Now that you know how to turn on the Magnifier and use it whenever you need it on your iPhone X (steps 1 & 2), you can move on to more “advanced” options.
  • To turn on the flashlight – just activate the Magnifier and hit the special lightning bolt icon that will turn on the flashlight.
  • To zoom in or out – after you have activated the Magnifier, you can use the slider available on the screen, by tapping, holding and dragging it right or left.
  • To activate the auto-brightness – you must navigate to the Accessibility settings menu and, under the Magnifier section, you need to turn on the Auto-Brightness feature.
  • To take magnified screenshots – you must activate the Magnifier and then, select the Freeze Frame button available at the bottom of the screen; adjust the magnification from its slider and tap Freeze Frame when you’re ready.
  • To tweak contrast and brightness – again, after activating the Magnifier, you can select the three-circle icon at the bottom of the display, which will open up the Filters option; adjust the magnification level until you reach the ideal brightness and contrast options for your needs.
  • To invest colours and filters – select the same three-circle icon mentioned above and tap on Invest Filters, the icon with 2 curved arrows aiming at a box.

If, by the end of this tutorial, you still have questions to ask or things that seem unclear in this chapter, we’re here for you, as usual. Let us know how it worked with turning on the Magnifier on the iPhone X !