How To Fix Apple iPhone X Screen Won’t Turn ON

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Screen Won’t Turn ON

There have been a plethora of complains that have been filed – many of them are grounded in the iPhone X screen not turning on.  The buttons may light up appropriately, calls may be received. However, the screen refuses to turn on.

It’s highly recommended to try charging your phone before proceeding further. It simply may be an issue with either the charging capability, or more likely, an issue with your charging cable. 

Try the Power Switch

You may have tried this, but it’s important to mention it – just in case.  Try pressing the Power button in different manners, such as a light press or a sustained press. If this does not solve the issue, continue reading

Access Safe Mode

When booting the iPhone X into “Safe Mode” your device will only have the applications that it came loaded with.

  1. Press both the Home and Power button until the screen goes dark. Stop hitting the power button, while still pressing the Home button
  2. When you see the Apple logo appear, hit the Volume button.
  3. Safe Mode should be activated, allowing you to make whatever necessary changes in order to figure out the problem. 

Recovery Mode

  1. Connect your iPhone X and open iTunes
  2. While connected  – Force Restart your iPhone X
  3. When given the option – choose Update