How To Fix iPhone X Won’t Activate

How To Fix iPhone X Won’t Activate

If there's an error on the iPhone X and it can’t be activated, it will mean some things are going wrong with the servers of the smartphone. First, these are a number of the problems you'll be able to face once you see iPhone X is not activated or the iPhone X is activated but no service:

Your iPhone X could not be activated as a result of the activation server is temporarily unavailable 
The iPhone X isn't recognised and can't be activated for service


A quick restart of the iPhone X can be a simple and easy way to fix the error that shows up. Restarting your iPhone X doesn't guarantee that your activation problems on the iPhone X are going to be fixed, however it’s a good place to begin. All you need to try and do is turn off the Apple iPhone X and then turn it back on once more to check if your activation issue has been fixed.


Sometimes once your Apple iPhone X has activations issues, the simplest option is to factory reset the Apple iPhone X. Another nice reason to factory reset an iPhone X is to get a fresh start on the smartphone. It’s important to notice that before you head to factory reset an iPhone X, you must copy all files and {data} to prevent any data from being lost. the simplest way you can copy data on the iPhone X is by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. For the rest of your files you can use a backup app or service.

Network issues / WiFi

Sometimes your network and WiFi settings block a connection to the server. to make sure that your WiFi and network connections aren't the problem, check by getting on to a different WiFi connection and see if your iPhone X activation error has been solved.