How To Fix Disabled iPhone X

How To Fix Disabled iPhone X

Owners of iPhone X, you may be asking how to fix disabled iPhone X. Once in awhile you might see a notification saying your iPhone X is disabled. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can fix the disabled iPhone X problem. Take note that we are still able to do some data recovery even though you haven’t backed up your Apple devices on iTunes.

How to fix disabled iPhone X without a backup

A locked iPhone X cannot be backed up when if it has never been backed up in iTunes. If ever this occurred, the only move you can do to a disabled iPhone X is by using this iTunes method. This will result to the losing of your data, including apps, app data, contacts, photos, music and most of everything that resides on your iPhone X.

Use iCloud to Fix iPhone X is Disabled Connect to iTunes

For those iPhone X users who have arranged for their device to be backed up through iCloud – you should be able to find the relevant info/details attached to your iCloud ID.  If there is an issue, maybe due to password recovery – log in to make sure that everything is secure, then proceed to Sync 

How to fix disabled iPhone X connect to iTunes

  1. Connect your smartphone.
  2. Access iTunes
  3. Choose the device that you want to edit
  4. Hit Restore
  5. If the restore goes without a hitch – then your device will be cleaned.  This will allow you to restore it from whichever ID you choose
  6. In the case of errors, simply go into Safe Mode to make sure that you are secured.