How To Fix No Sound on Apple iPhone X

How To Fix No Sound On Apple iPhone X

Sound is incredibly necessary feature of having a smartphone, thus if the sound of your iPhone X isn't working, that’s a problem. you'll be able to notice if the sound isn't working on your iPhone X once you are making calls or receiving calls and you can not hear the caller .

To solve this sound problem, we’ll provide you with the simplest possible solutions so as to fix your iPhone X . If these solutions cannot solve this issue, we advise you to bring it to an Apple store near you or the retailer where you purchased your iPhone X. Here’s a guideline on how you fix it

How to fix call no sound iPhone X

Take the SIM out and pop it right back in
Try cleaning the microphone with compressed air because the dirt, debris and dirt may be stuck in the microphone which is the reason why they can’t hear you, and check to see if the iPhone X audio problem is fixed.
Leaving your Bluetooth on is one reason for having an audio problem. turn off the Bluetooth device and check to see if the audio problem is solved  on the iPhone X.
Wipe cache data of your smartphone.Read this guide on how to wipe the iPhone X cache .