How To Turn Power OFF iPhone X

How To Turn Power OFF iPhone X

During your normal use of the iPhone X , the only way that you know of turning it off is the lock button. When this option is out of the discussion, you might tend to panic. And the first thought might be that you will no longer be able to power off the device. But there is an option and you are going to discover it with our following instructions.

Here’s how to turn off the iPhone X:

  1. From the Home Screen, head to the Settings menu
  2. Stop by the General tab and search for the Accessibility options
  3. Once you’ve extended the Accessibility options, look for the Assistive Touch feature
  4. Select Assistive Touch and turn it on right away
  5. Hit the circle button that just showed up on the screen in the meantime;
  6. Tap on Device, when prompted
  7. Long press the iPhone Lock Screen option
  8. Slide the Power Off dialog in the end.

These are the steps that, slowly but steadily, will take you to an iPhone X device powered off from the menus, when the Lock button is no longer working properly. Of course, this is just a temporary fix, you should not let the Power key malfunctioning for too long and rather seek professional help at an authorised centre.

It’s an important button, make sure that it works most of the time and use the menu option only when you have no other choice.