How to Use Files App on iPhone 8

How to Use Files App on iPhone 8

With the dawn of its predecessor the iCloud drive, iOS 11’s improved Files App, promises a new tweaks up its sleeves for avid iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users. Files app lets you access not only to the files stored on your device and in iCloud, but also to those stored in third-party services that support integration with the app. Files also exploits all of the new multitasking gestures in iOS 11, making its file organization capabilities even more powerful. In this article, OTFeed will be teaching you the functionalities of the Files app and how to use it to its full potential. Below are some of the newest features added onto it

Moving Files With Drag and Drop

  1. Press on the file of your choice and move it in the right direction
  2. Access more than one file by placing your first file over any others.
  3. Access the Files folder
  4. Simply place your file in the appropriate, new location

Organizing Your Files Manually

  1. Select the files you desire from the folder
  2. While browsing, the screen will dim for irrelevant files – you will then be able to take action (duplicate, delete, etc)
  3. Bring up “Share” with the iOS Share function
  4. Move will give you a ranking of the document folders and files to make sure that it’s being placed in the right location

Tagging Documents

  1. Access a folder with a longer press with your finger
  2. Tag the folder accordingly

Linking Third-Party Storage Services

Any third-party integration that you need should be available from the options that Apple has given you; such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If you are unable to see your file sharing service, consider adding it.