How To Zoom Out Magnifier On iPhone X

How To Zoom Out Magnifier On iPhone X

In case you know that you have this option of using the zoom out magnifier on the iPhone X , it can never hurt learning more about it. For instance, you might want to know that it’s a two-step process, where you first enable this feature and then you turn it on or off, whenever you need to use it.

Just the same, in case you’re just discovering the zoom out magnifier option, it might prove something that you need every now and then. So, read this guide and you’ll definitely know how to use it next time. All these being said, let us move on to the actual steps that you would have to follow on a regular basis.

Enable the Magnifier

  1. Unlock your iPhone;
  2. Go to the Home Screen, in the Settings app;
  3. Navigate to the General section, at the Accessibility options;
  4. Select the Magnifier entry;
  5. Locate the dedicated toggle and set it to On.

Use the Zoom Out Magnifier

  1. After following the steps from the previous section, when you want to use Zoom In/Out, you must activate the Magnifying feature with the Home button;
  2. Tap for 3 times in a row on the Home key;
  3. After the activation, tap and hold the slider, dragging it as you see fit;
  4. While you drag the slider, you should be able to see the magnification effect and decide when you need to stop.

With the Magnifier enabled on the iOS, your iPhone X will let you Zoom In or Zoom Out from the special slider with a triple tap on the Home key. Go and see for yourself how that works!