How To Fix iPhone X Stuck In Recovery Mode

How To Fix iPhone X Stuck In Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is once your phone is stuck with a black screen and also the silver Apple logo for minutes at a time. Is your iPhone X stuck in recovery mode? need to understand how to get iPhone X in recovery mode? this post can show you ways to each begin recovery mode and exit.

Your iPhone X could come in recovery mode if it runs out of battery while updating. It may additionally happen if your phone has trouble connecting to iTunes during an update.

How to Enter iPhone X into Recovery Mode

Take note that iPhone recovery mode is needed whenever your iPhone X is non-responsive if you happen to attach it to your pc and iTunes.
  1. Turn off your iPhone X
  2. Press and hold the home button and plug it into your pc
  3. Continue to press the home button till your iPhone’s screen tells you to connect to iTunes
  4. iTunes can note that your iPhone is in recovery mode and can need to be fixed before you'll be able to do something
  5. Select okay
  6. Select Restore iPhone X
In doing this, all of your data on your iPhone are lost once your restore it and is best to backup all of your info before continuing with putt it into Recovery Mode iPhone.

iPhone X Recovery Mode Loop Fix

Sometimes an iPhone doesn’t simply go to recovery mode, it gets stuck in an exceedingly loop wherever it’s constantly getting in and out of recovery mode. this may be caused by using an recent version of iTunes or firmware. Or your phone was simply disconnected from your pc during an update.

download RecBoot for Windows & RecBoot for mac
  1. Start RecBoot
  2. Connect your iPhone X to the pc
  3. Select “Exit Recovery Mode”

Get iPhone X out of Recovery Mode without pc

  1. Make sure your iPhone X is on
  2. Press and hold Home and Power buttons for at least 9 seconds
  3. Release each buttons at the same time
  4. The screen will turn off
  5. Press and hold Home and Power buttons (again) for the same amount of time
  6. The screen can show the Apple logo
  7. When the screen goes blank, unharness the buttons at identical time
  8. For a 3rd time, hold the home and Power buttons, this time for at least 19 seconds
  9. Then let go and your phone should start up like normal