Turn OFF Camera Sound On iPhone X

Turn OFF Camera Sound On iPhone X

The iPhone X smartphone is made with new high of the line cameras. With all that technology behind the lens, it might be ironic if you don’t know how to take silent photos on your phone’s camera with no sound. The camera shutter sound is annoying to some folks, particularly if you're taking dozens of selfies during a day. it'd be best simply to take silent pictures instead.

For folks living within the united states, taking silent photos is against the law in some states, because the law provides that cell phones with digital cameras should produce a sound once taking an image. the following directions will show you ways to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone X, or at least, simply turn down camera shutter sound on the device.

Plugging headphones in won’t work

If you're thinking that that plugging your headphones into the iPhone X works, it doesn’t. most likely than not, once you plug your headphones, all sounds coming from the device are going to be played through the headphones. but with the iPhone X, this may not work, as the smartphone segregates the media audio from notification sounds, so the shutter sound of your camera can still be heard despite the headphones.

Mute or turn down the volume of your iPhone X

Alternatively, you'll be able to try turning off the camera sounds on the iPhone X by decreasing the volume on the smartphone. The method you'll be able to do that is by pressing repeatedly or holding down the “volume down” button on the click of iPhone X till the phone goes into vibrate mode. once the iPhone X is on mute, the camera shutter sound are going to be muted once you go take a picture.

Use a 3rd party camera app

The best technique to switch off the iPhone X camera sound and take silent photos is by taking advantage of a 3rd party camera app, like Capera.