How To Add Favorite Contacts On LG V30

How To Add Favorite Contacts On LG V30
How To Add Favorite Contacts On LG V30

Adding favorite contacts is an easy way to keep an eye on the contact information of anyone that matters to you. The Favorite contacts features enables users to find frequently used contact information easily, instead of browsing through an alphabetical list of people that you want  to stay in touch with very often.

Luckily, it is very effortless to favorite the person on the LG V30. This process is an alternative to using the letters on the side of the display for easy access. Using favorites makes things even faster. The following instructions will guide you through how to add favorite contacts on the LG V30.

If you’ve used Android before, you’ve probably starred your most used contacts in the phone app. Below we’ve included the steps needed to favorite or unfavorite an individual contact on the LG V30.

How to Add Favorite Contacts on LG V30

  1. Power on your device
  2. Enter the “Phone” app
  3. Select “Contacts”
  4. Find the individual contact you want to favorite or unfavorite
  5. Tap the star icon to toggle between favorited and not favorited
You can also set favorites on the LG V30 directly from your contact list. Tap on an individual contact to pull up the details, then tap the star icon at the top. You can use this method to add or remove favorites.

The LG V30 sorts all contacts alphabetically, so it’s not possible to sort manually or by order of importance.

To remove a contact from your favorites, open that contact and tap the star icon to remove, or simply delete the contact.