Bluetooth Issues OnePlus 3 Solved

Bluetooth Issues OnePlus 3 Solved

For those of us that own the latest OnePlus 3 flagship smartphone from OnePlus, then you must be familiar with how common Bluetooth issues are. The Bluetooth problems include problems when connecting the smartphone to a car or simply other Bluetooth devices such as headphones. Below are some basic solutions you can try out to fix your OnePlus 3 Bluetooth problems that won’t let you sleep.

Some OnePlus Bluetooth problems remain unknown to date and OnePlus has not published any software or hardware bug report to date. Since these OnePlus Bluetooth problems to have not been published anywhere, there is no proven way of fixing the issue. The OnePlus Bluetooth issues are also known to be common in particular cars such as the Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, GM Nissan Ford and Mazda. The best news is there are various ways that could actually fix the OnePlus Bluetooth problems.

The first fix you could try out would be to clear the Bluetooth data with the clear the cache guide. A cache allows applications to store temporary data for better transitions when switching between apps. But the issue is most common when attempting to connect your OnePlus 3 device with your car Bluetooth device. As such, it is therefore recommended that you first consider clearing your Bluetooth app cache then try reconnecting your device. Here are various ways you could also try out to fix your Bluetooth issues.

How to fix your OnePlus Bluetooth problems

  1. Power ON your OnePlus 3 smartphone
  2. Open the home screen and press on the app icon
  3. Then choose on the Settings
  4. Then press on the Application Manager
  5. Show All Tabs through swiping either left or right
  6. Choose on Bluetooth
  7. Choose to stop it forcefully.
  8. Then clear the cache
  9. Choose to clear the Bluetooth data
  10. Press OK
  11. Then reboot your OnePlus 3 device

Fixing your OnePlus 3 Bluetooth problems

If none of the above fixes seem to work for you, then your next alternative would be to try putting your OnePlus smartphone into Recovery Mode the Wipe the Cache Partition. After you are through with the process, try reconnecting your OnePlus 3 smartphone with another Bluetooth enabled device and it should work just fine.

The above guidelines should be able to solve typically any Bluetooth issues you might be experiencing with your OnePlus device.