Charging Slow iPhone X Solved

The iPhone X boasts some of the fastest charging time ever on the market. When the charging capability of the phone is not up to par with the slated standard set by Apple, it would be logical to assume that something is probably wrong with either your iPhone X, the battery or the charger itself. Now before you panic and go out and buy another charger or worse buy a new phone, it would be wise to consult these guides to see if your phone can still be saved from its blight.

These are some of the most common reasons why your iPhone X won’t charge properly. These include, but are not limited to the following:
  • The connectors on the device is most likely to either be bent, broken or pushed in
  • Phone probably has a major defect.
  • The battery could be damaged.
  • The power brick or charger could be faulty.
  • If you are lucky, this could just be a temporary phone problem.
  • Phone is malfunctioning.

Reset Apple iPhone X

One fix that you can try is to reset your Apple iPhone X. This is because, there might be and app or software that is messing with the proper percentage of the charge on the battery of the phone. If you choose to do this option, it is recommended you know its pros and cons before anything else. Read the detailed guide here.

Changing Cables

Another thing you can try is to double check the cables on the iPhone X whether it is still effective and working properly. This is because the cable can lose its effectivity due to the regular wear and tear when using the device. What you can do is to try changing it out with another USB charger that you know is working and see if the problem is with the cable.

Clean USB Port

You can also clean the USB port of your device to make sure that there is nothing impeding the connections between the charger and your phone. You can either use compressed air or if that is not available, you can use a small stick like a toothpick or a tiny twig to nudge out any dirt, hair, dust, or debris that might be affecting the charge of the device.

Get Support From Authorized Technician

If you feel that this problem is out of your league, then it would be advisable to seek the help of a licensed Apple technician. He would be better equipped and more knowledgeable on the type of things that might be causing your problems with your iPhone X. If he still can’t fix your phone then what you can do from here is just to get a replacement.