How to Fix iPhone X That Froze While Upgrading to New iOS

How to Fix iPhone X That Froze While Upgrading to New iOS

One of the common problems when verifying software updates on iPhone X is that it gets stuck at the Apple logo before completing the update. So what can be the cause of this issue?  Well, it could mainly be due to the software malfunctioning.

There are different ways by which iPhone X users can install the new iOS software; some use the “Over-the-air” method at the settings while other users upgrade their software on iTunes. For many that face the issue of their iPhone getting stuck when updating, we have the answer on how you can fix this problem.

How to Fix iPhone X That Freezes During Update

  1. Press down the “Sleep/Wake” button and either “Volume” button at the same time
  2. Press and hold these buttons until the screen switches off
  3. When the screen turns on displaying the Apple Logo, release the buttons
  4. Wait until the iPhone reboots, showing the main screen

After the iPhone has rebooted, browse Settings > General > About to ensure that the phone is running on the iOS version that you want. If it doesn’t, repeat the upgrading process. Another option you can use if your iOS update is frozen or if the progress bar stuck is to use the hard reboot method.