How to Fix LG V30 Bad Battery Life

How to Fix LG V30 Bad Battery Life

LG’s V30 is arguably a cut above the rest in terms of smartphones released this year. Despite it’s reputation, users have noted that the LG V30 is draining faster than usual. The issue is likely the cause of faulty apps or bugs in the Android operating system.  Nonetheless, the instructions below will show you a couple of methods which will eliminate the rapid drain on the battery of your LG V30.

Reboot or Reset V30

Every so often when a battery is draining faster than usual, the most advisable course of action is do a factory reset on the LG V30. An additional justification on why you should perform a factory reset is to give your phone a new lease in life, thus giving it a fresh start:
  1. Be sure to back up all data prior to performing the Factory Reset
  2. Select Settings > General >Backup & reset
  3. Next steps choose to either clear or select both of the following options:
  4. Back up my data
  5. Automatic restore
  6. Select “Backup Account” > “Factory Data Reset” > “Reset Phone” > “Delete All” > “Reset”

Disable Or Manage Background Sync

Every time apps are being opened and are no longer being utilized, they could have a huge impact on the battery of the LG V30. The most appropriate step is to close these apps when they are not being used, to stop their strain on the battery which will cause it to lose power quickly. You can do this by accessing the quick settings and gesturing downwards with two fingers and click on Sync to deactivate it.

One other way you can do it is to access Settings and then Accounts and deactivate sync for the apps you no longer use. For example, after disabling the Twitter background sync, the LG V30 battery will experience a longer lifespan.

Disable Wi-Fi

Having the Wi-Fi turned on all day eats a huge chunk of the battery on the V30. So when you are out and about in public, you probably won’t need to turn on the Wi-Fi. Furthermore, whenever you have your mobile data turned on, it is not necessary to turn on Wi-Fi to access the internet, therefore it’s a good idea to switch off your Wi-Fi.

Use V30 Power-Saving Mode

Placing the V30 in  “Power saving mode” is the most common and effective way to conserve the charge on the battery. It does this by restricting most of the background data, such as location services, backlit keys and toning down the phone’s processor. Follow the below steps to set up Power-Saving Mode: Settings > Battery > Battery Saver >Turn Battery Saver On > (option to select setting in order of mode strength: Off / Extended / Maximum) > Power Saving Exclusions to turn on or off.

Disable LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Activating tools like location tracking, LTE and bluetooth can do a number on the battery and make it discharge faster than normal. If you have no use for these tools, it’s a good idea to deactivate them to extend the battery lifespan of your V30. If you don’t want to deactivate the Location or GPS tool, simply place the device to power saving mode. Don’t worry, it will be reactivated again when you use it for something like Navigation. Another battery draining culprit is when you turn on Bluetooth, so better be aware if it’s active or not.

Replace TouchWiz Launcher

The LG V30’s interface is run by TouchWiz by default. Unfortunately, it sucks a whole lot of battery life, and not only that, it eats up a whole lot of memory which means that it is always running in the background. One suggestion would be to install the Nova Launcher for an optimal  performance and battery management experience.

Reduce Tethering

Tethering is a neat feature on the LG V30 but a downside to this great tool is that it impacts battery life greatly. That is why, only turn on tethering when you absolutely need to, otherwise just shut it off to save your battery life.