How to Fix OnePlus 5 Screen that Won’t Rotate and Gyro that Stopped Working

How to Fix OnePlus 5 Screen that Won’t Rotate and Gyro that Stopped Working

For those that have the OnePlus 5, you may want to know how to fix the screen that won’t rotate and gyro that sometimes won’t work. There could be many reasons why this is happening; an example is that the screen doesn’t turn when you are surfing the Internet or using apps while it is activated and it doesn’t change from the vertical mode.

Another typical example is that when you use the camera app on your OnePlus 5, it displays everything upside down. We’ll explain how to fix this problem, and if it doesn’t work, there might be a bug in the software, and we would suggest that you update the phone to the latest software.

There are two significant ways to fix this problem; you are recommended to carry out self-test before you try the first method, which is to do factory settings, and if it doesn’t work, you are required to perform a hard reset.

Methods to Fix Screen Rotation Problem

The first step to fixing the screen rotation issue is to carry out a self-test to known what is wrong with the phone. You can carry out this test by entering the code {*#0*#} on your phone’s dial pad. And after your OnePlus 5 goes into service mode, click on “sensors” to complete the test.

Sometimes, the phone wireless carriers disable this setting, and you won’t have the option to access the service screen. With this, you will need to do a factory setting of the phone. And we suggest that you contact your service provider, as they may be aware of the problem and have a solution.

Another method you can use to solve this problem is by doing a hard reset. You must first backup and save your data and files before you do the reset because the process will delete all your information, apps, and settings. To backup data on your OnePlus 5, go to Settings > click on Backup & reset.