How To Free Up Space On iPhone X

How To Free Up Space On iPhone X
How To Free Up Space On iPhone X

If you want to know how you can free up the space on iPhone X, read this article. One of the most annoying part of having an iPhone X is when you do not have any more storage space left so you may really want to know the process on how to delete “Documents and Data” and other things on the iPhone X just to free up space.

Another method on how you can free up more space on iPhone X is by deleting unnecessary documents and data usage in order for you to create extra space. The iPhone documents and data is a collection of stuff which includes the stock, third-party apps, cached data and even the iCloud documents. Listed below are the different ways on how to free up space from the iPhone X.

iTunes Music, Movies & TV Shows, Thumbnail cache

When you make iTunes purchases besides the music and video content on your iPhone X, the rest of it gets stored and stucked  in the “Documents and Data” area. This includes the thumbnail cache, or related-files that are not some kind of media files.

By removing  all the music from your iPhone X and then re-sync it through the computer is one of the best way you can do to solve this issue.

Stock Apps

Apps that come preloaded on iPhone X are called stock apps. Safari, Messages, Videos, Mail – these are all software created by Apple for iPhone. All of these apps use memory to some degree. If you don’t use them, you can save space on your iPhone by deleting them altogether.

Mail Removing old mail and attachments

If you are using the standard Mail app on iPhone X, surely there are lots of cache stored on your Apple device.  The following steps below will help you remove all old mail and attachments that is to store in cache and data. One simple way of clearing out all mail cache and data is

  1. Turn on your iPhone X on
  2. Click on Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  3. Choose your email service
  4. Choose Delete Account
  5. Confirm
  6. Choose Add New to add the account back

iCloud Documents

It should not take up too much space when you use the iCloud for documents and data iPhone iCloud usage. But if you have a lot of extra iCloud documents and data, you can remove documents individually from Pages, Numbers etc., from iCloud documents. You can erase documents and data iPhone iCloud with these following steps below

  1. Turn on your iPhone X
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Choose iCloud
  4. Choose Storage & Backup
  5. Choose Manage Storage
  6. Click on the apps under Documents and Data
  7. Choose Edit (top-left corner)
  8. Choose Delete All – or choose the minus sign next to each document to erase individually

Photo Stream

If you own an iPhone X and you have many different albums and photos in your photostream, deleting these images will help you delete documents and data iCloud space. You can switch off the photo stream from Settings -> iCloud -> Photo Stream. This method remove all photo stream instances from your iPhone X to help you reclaim some free space in the “Documents and Data” section.

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