How To Get Free Music On Apple iPhone X

How To Get Free Music On Apple iPhone X

Want to learn how to get free music on Apple iPhone X? Getting music for free isn’t so difficult once you’ve learned how and in this guide we’ll take you through all of the steps necessary.

This option works if you’ve already got music from the internet and saved it to your PC. It’s an alternative way to get music onto your iPhone X and it doesn’t require you to purchase any songs from iTunes.

Follow the steps we’ve listed below to learn how to get free music on your iPhone.

How to Get Free Music on Apple iPhone X

Thankfully, the process for adding free music to your iPhone X is quite straightforward. Simply follow the steps listed below to get started:
  1. Go to your Mac or PC, open iTunes and update it to the newest version
  2. Tap the song you’d like to use (This song preview will only last 30 seconds)
  3. Next, select the start and stop times (Right-click or ctrl-click the selected song and click ‘Get Info’ from the drop down window)
  4. Create AAC version. (Right-click or ctrl-click the same song again and select Create AAC Version)
  5. Copy the new file and delete the old one
  6. Finally, change the extension. (Click the file’s name, and change the extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r.”)
  7. Add the file to Itunes
  8. Sync your iPhone with your iTunes account
  9. Optionally, set it as a ringtone (Open the Settings app > tap Sounds > tap Ringtone. Select the newly synced song)
We hope this guide has proved to be useful. It should have helped you to add a new song to your Apple iPhone X. We’ve also helped you to add the new song as a ringtone. You can repeat this process for as many songs as you’d like.