How to Change The Homepage On iPhone X

How to Change The Homepage On iPhone X

If you own an iPhone X, you may want to know how to change the internet homepage. Usually, most people open their internet browser manually irrespective of the type of browser they are using be it Firefox, Google Chrome, or the standard Safari browser. Setting up a few shortcuts can make things faster when you are browsing the web, and by the time you change your phone internet homepage, it will be the first thing you see whenever you open your browser. We’ll explain to you how you can use set internet homepage on your iPhone.

How to Change the Internet Homepage of Your iPhone

This whole trick and shortcut on the iPhone are straightforward, and it only takes a few seconds. Follow the step below to change it:

  1. Turn on your iPhone
  2. Open the Safari app
  3. Tap “Safari”
  4. Select “Preferences”
  5. Under “Homepage” type the URL that you’d like to use as the default homepage in Safari

You can quickly and easily change your iPhone internet homepage by following the steps discussed above. After you change the website, it’ll always display whenever you open a new tab in your browser.