How To Change Wallpaper On LG V30

How To Change Wallpaper On LG V30
How To Change Wallpaper On LG V30

It’s natural to transform the backdrop of the LG V30 to be more individually based on the look you wish for your brand-new smartphone. Of course, many have the same exact LG V30 as you do, with the same wallpaper as well. Changing the backdrop could be one way to make your device unique. Knowing how to change your backdrop on the LG V30 is simple and only a few minutes is needed to accomplish. Transforming the backdrop using two contrasting methods is stated in the procedures below.

Change LG V30 Backdrop from the Home Screen

You can rapidly switch the LG V30 backdrop by moving on to the home screen launcher after activating the LG V30. If you select and hold for two seconds a vacant part of the home screen, the settings menu will appear then tap the “Wallpapers” button after.

A list of pre-loaded backdrops that can be selected from will be displayed once arriving at the LG V30 backdrop settings. Tap any photo located on your smartphone by selecting the  “Gallery” option. This will allow you to pick from any cloud storage accounts on that you’ve connected to the Gallery application.

At the top of the screen, tap the bar after picking out the photo that you’d like as a backdrop. Tap either the home screen backdrop, lock screen backdrop or both, if you decided on where to place them. Lastly, tap the Set as wallpaper. You now have altered the backdrop on the LG V30.

Alter LG V30 Backdrop from the Settings

Going to the settings of the phone is another way to alter the LG V30 backdrop. Browse “Sound and Display” from the settings page and then select Wallpaper. Go to the exact screen as specified above that will permit you to either choose from the file of pre-equipped backdrops or selecting another photo that is retained on the LG V30.

Altering the backdrops on your LG V30 is simple when the two procedures above have been used.