How to Create Ringtone Options for Apple iPhone X

How to Create Ringtone Options for Apple iPhone X

If you own an Apple iPhone X, it’s probably a good idea to know how to select different ringtones on your phone. You may want to create unique tones for your contact or an alarm that will remind you of special events. We’ll explain how you can get different ringtones on your iPhone.

How to Get Different Ringtones

It is easy to create and add custom ringtones for your contact, there are many available options, and you can also set a custom ringtone for text messages. Follow the steps below if you want to set custom ringtones.

  1. On your computer, update your iTunes to the latest version
  2. Pick the song you want to use (Note that the song will only last for 30 seconds)
  3. Create the time the song will start and stop (To do this, ctrl-click or right-click the song you want to use and choose “Get info” from the list)
  4. Create the AAC version (Ctrl-click or right-click the same song again and tap “Create AAC Version”)
  5. Change the extension (Click the file’s name option and change the extension to “.m4r.” from “.m4a”)
  6. Add the file to iTunes
  7. Sync your iPhone X
  8. Set the ringtone (Tap the Settings app > Sounds > Ringtone, and you can then select the song you want)

Use the guide above to set a ringtone for individual contacts on your Apple iPhone X. While the rest of your contacts maintain the default ringtone, the numbers you customize will have their unique tone. Creating custom ringtones makes things more personal and you can quickly know who calls you without checking your phone.