How To Factory Reset Galaxy J7

How To Factory Reset Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphones are usually stable but it doesn’t mean that users never have any kind of problems. Just like with many other Android devices, a time may come when you will find yourself in a difficult situation that only a factory reset can solve. Or maybe you will appreciate the opportunity of getting a fresh start instead of having to manually fix different memory hiccups or clearing the cache or whatever else is necessary to improve its functionality.

Coming up next, we will show you two different ways on how to perform a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy J7. But first, let us specify that, unless you want to lose important data, you MUST backup your device before anything else. Navigate to Settings, under the Backup & Reset section, and do a thorough backup, or use a dedicated third-party app or service.

Whatever you do, make sure you put aside everything that matters to you, so you won’t end up feeling sorry for anything.

Galaxy J7 factory reset instructions from the hardware keys

  1. Turn off the J7;
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons, and then, without releasing them, hold the Power button as well;
  3. Let go of all buttons only when the Android icon is displayed on the screen;
  4. At this point, your Samsung Galaxy J7 booted into Recovery Mode and the touchscreen is unresponsive;
  5. Use the Volume Down and the Power buttons to make your way through the available options:
  6. Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option with Volume Down;
  7. Start it with Power;
  8. Select the “Yes – delete all user data” answer with Volume Down;
  9. Start it with Power;
  10. Wait for the factory reset to complete and the device to restart;
  11. You will see that it reboots in the same Recovery Mode, so, use Volume Down to select Reboot System Now;
  12. Use the Power button to start the reboot and return to the normal running mode.
All these instructions can be applied when you don’t have access to the device – many people would forget their password and end up in this situation – or when you’re dealing with a software issue that made your phone unresponsive. The alternative, coming up next.

Galaxy J7 factory reset instructions from the menus

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Tap on User;
  3. Select Backup;
  4. Select Backup & Reset;
  5. Tap on Factory Data Reset;
  6. Tap on Reset Device;
  7. In the newly opened window, select Delete All;
  8. Wait for it to finish the reset and restart.
As you can see, performing this action on a Samsung Galaxy J7 fully functional, exclusively from the menus, is much easier!