How To Fix Alarm With No Snooze Feature iPhone X

How To Fix Alarm With No Snooze Feature iPhone X

The alarm clock on your iPhone X is a very important feature that you will find useful time and again. You can use the iPhone X to remind you of some important tasks. If you are a sporting person, you may also use the alarm clock as stopwatch. This will allow you to keep track of time as you train.

Although there are many uses for the alarm feature on the iPhone X, some of the iPhone users have reported that the smartphone does not show the alarm snooze feature.

The rest of this article is provided as a guide to those who would like to find and activate the alarm snooze feature on their iPhone X smartphone.

How To Use Apple iPhone X Snooze Feature

  1. Switch on your iPhone X
  2. Select the Clock App
  3. Browse for and tap the alarm so as to activate its Snooze feature
  4. Toggle the Snooze ON or OFF depending on whether you want to activate or deactivate the snooze feature

Once you activate the snooze feature on your iPhone X, it will be initiated at an interval of six minutes until you switch off the alarm clock entirely.