How to Fix the Autocorrect Bug on iPhone X iPhone 6 iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 with iOS 11

How to Fix the Autocorrect Bug on iPhone X iPhone 6 iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 with iOS 11

iPhone X users and other Apple users who recently updated to iOS 11.1 are noticing the upper-case “I” to look a bit strange A [?].  When it’s time for a Software Update on your iPhone, it can be cause for concern for many iPhone users.  Software Updates, especially major ones like the most recent iOS 11.1, can result in issues that Apple will eventually fix on their end with a new Software Update. Until then, users are stuck dealing with these bugs on their own.

The latest bug in the iOS 11.1 update is the upper-case letter “I”, which coincidentally is quite commonly used across all platforms. Whether you are texting a special someone “I love you”, or posting messages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram in first-person tone, you’ll find your messages not being received as planned and looking like this: “A [?] love you”.

Until Apple fixes this issue, here are a few work arounds.

Problem typing the upper-case “I” on the iPhone X or any other iPhone running iOS 11.1 – SOLVED:

  1. Utilize the autocorrect fields when typing your message.  These are located directly above the keyboard. You’ll need to select the first autocorrect option on the left (upper-case “I”). You’ll need to do this every time you are typing “I”, making this not the most efficient work around but an option nonetheless.
  2. Turn off autocorrect all together. The issue seems to be the result of a bug within autocorrect.  To turn off autocorrect, you’ll need to go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Auto-Correction (tap the toggle field to off)
  3. Utilize Text Replacement. The issue is happening only when typing uppercase “I”.  You can work around this by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and click on the + in the top right corner. Enter in the following: Phrase= I and Shortcut=i

For now, the above list gives you a few options to fix this temporary issue.  Before we know it there will likely be a new Software Update equipped in dealing with this bug, because A [?] don’t know about you, but A [?] find this frustrating!