How To Fix Bluetooth Problems On LG V30

How To Fix Bluetooth Problems On LG V30

Just like any Android device, the LG V30 can sometimes experience the myriad of issues that plague most smartphones. One of these issues is the Bluetooth problems on the LG V30, which is a pretty common occurrence. This Bluetooth problem, although common, hasn’t been addressed by LG via software or firmware updates, so there isn’t one catch-all solution. Many users report issues syncing with their Bluetooth-enabled vehicles. If you’re having similar problems, continue reading for a few possible solutions.

How To Fix LG V30 Bluetooth Problems

Begin troubleshooting your Bluetooth issue by clearing your Bluetooth data on LG V30. In order to speed up the process of connecting with frequently paired devices, your LG V30 keeps a cache of data on recent Bluetooth connections. If you’re experiencing problems pairing with one of your devices, clearing the Bluetooth cache on LG V30 might solve your problem.

Resetting Bluetooth Cache on LG V30

  1. Power on your device
  2. Navigate to your settings
  3. Select the Application Manager
  4. Swipe left or right to display all tabs
  5. Choose Bluetooth
  6. Select the option to force stop
  7. Tap “Clear Bluetooth Data”
  8. Press OK
  9. Reboot your device
These steps should solve any Bluetooth issues you’re experiencing on LG V30.Try establishing a connection with a nearby device.