LG V30 To Read Text How To Get

LG V30 owners, some of you may want to learn how to get your LG V30 to read text aloud. The method to handle transcription is very basic. Other smartphones may still need to install the app that performs the exact same feature of the LG V30 Text-to-Speech on Google Play Store.

A lot of cool things can be done using the feature of LG V30 that permits you to state text aloud, which makes the LG V30 deliver interpretation, audiobooks, and more. English isn’t the only language that the read text feature is capable of accessing but rather a lot of distinct dialects.

The following is a consecutive guide on launching the LG V30 to read text.

How To Get LG V30 To Read Text

  1. Switch on the LG V30
  2. Go to the V30 home screen
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Go to System
  5. Tap on Language & Input
  6. Select Text-to-speech options below Speech section
  7. Pick the TTS engine you wish to handle:
  8. LG text-to-speech engine
  9. Google Text-to-speech engine
  10. Tap on the Settings image beside the search engine
  11. Hit Install voice data
  12. Tap Download
  13. Now wait for the language to load
  14. Choose the Back key
  15. Select on Language
Hit the Home Screen, tap the Apps and then select S Voice after following the steps above in getting your LG V30 to read text. After getting to S Voice, tap the Recent apps and then turn Set driving mode on. Select Recent Apps and then turn Set driving mode off to disable driving mode.

Take note that this read text feature of V30 was not intended for those optically disabled, as the LG V30 will convey everything you do in actual time, where you’re touching, which menu screen you’re about, and what your announcements say.