How to Hide Pictures on iPhone X

How to Hide Pictures on iPhone X

Everyone probably has a few photos on their iPhone they don’t want anyone to see, whether it’s personal, poorly edited, or maybe they just consider it as private. You can hide these images on your iPhone if you want to avoid awkward situations.

The latest version of iOS includes a new feature that can help you hide those pictures, though you have to do it for one image at a time. The process can be done in a quick few steps, follow the guide below to learn how to hide your photos.

How to Conceal Photos on iPhone X

  1. Turn on your iPhone
  2. Open Photos app
  3. Browse to Camera Roll
  4. Select the picture you which to hide
  5. Press and hold on the images; it will bring up an action menu, select Hide (You can also pick the square icon on the bottom left corner of the phone screen)
  6. Tap the “Hide Photo” to confirm that you want to hide the picture

When you follow the steps above, you will be able to hide your photos from prying eye